It’s a noisy world out there. As I write this, there’s a gentleman strimming the grass outside AAPicks Towers, and the racket is maddening. He’s darn lucky that I’m too lazy to do anything about it.

What I need, and am on the verge of purchasing, is today’s pick: Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones. If you want to block out the annoyances of the world and listen to your tunes in peace, this is the tech for you. Whether you’re on your commute or out for a jog, up to 97% of sound will be cancelled out. Just make sure you look both ways before crossing the road.

Whether you’re on your commute or out for a jog, up to 97% of sound will be cancelled out.

An Elite Bluetooth CSR 4.0 chipset ensures that you get the thrill of wireless headphones without losing out any of the sound quality. Of course you’ve got the option of using the 3.5mm jack if that’s more your bag. Reassuringly, there’s somewhere in the region of 12 hour playtime in the batteries, so you shouldn’t face an expected fade-out as long as you remember to charge once in a while.

We’re spotlighting this high-end headgear today because there’s a tasty 59% off these ‘phones for the next few days. Right now you can pick up your own pair for just $79.99, and finally get a bit of peace.

If you want to grab a pair before the offer expires, hit the button below.

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