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Welcome to the 205th edition of Android Apps Weekly! Here are the big headlines from the last week:

  • Google is apparently working on a light search app. The app should use less data than its full counterpart. We’re all but certain the app is for emerging markets. Those places still have slower, more expensive data. The app itself looks vastly different but still works more or less the same way. The APK is available for public consumption. A release date is still unknown right now.
  • Google Allo finally has a web interface. You can now use it on your phone or on your computer. It works a little funny. You have to use the web connection option in the settings of the app. Then you scan the QR code on the web app to gain access. It’s a little weird, but it works very well. Most of the features are available in the web app from the normal app as well. It’s only works well with Google Chrome. Just a heads up.
  • Opera announced a discontinuation of Opera Max this week. The app helped people use less data. Data caps are getting a lot more liberal in many countries. Thus, Opera decided the service was unnecessary. It is still available in the Google Play Store. It’ll just never receive anymore updates. Opera stated that new platforms and their browsers were the focus moving forward.
  • Ironhide, developers of the Kingdom Rush saga, announced a new game this week. Iron Marines is its name. The game shares a lot of the looks and feel of the Kingdom Rush titles. However, it seems to incorporate a little more real-time strategy into the mechanics. It should be a pretty decent title. The developers have an excellent track record. You can get it September 14th, 2017.
  • YouTube TV expanded quite a bit this week. They are now in 29 additional markets. They’re expanding to 14 additional markets in the coming weeks. That puts the total number of supported markets at 46. That covers more than 50% of the U.S. right now. There is no word on when YouTube TV will reach other countries or the rest of the U.S.

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Hurry is a new widget app. It creates quick countdown timers. You can do anything from birthdays to your favorite televisions shows. It also has recurring countdowns. You can set the notifications to remind you every so often or every day if you want. The widgets are tasteful with several options. You can also add images to the mix. The app is entirely free, at least for right now.


Framed 2 is the next title in one of the better puzzle games in recent memory. Each scene is shown in a variety of panels. Your goal is to arrange the panels to change the outcome of the story. It features a noir theme, simple graphics, and a fun premise. There is also a story line. The game has a few bugs. Most notable is a framerate issue. However, the developers will likely fix that in a future update. It usually goes for $4.99. However, it’s on sale for $1.99 for right now.

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