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Welcome to the 201st edition of Android Apps Weekly! Here are your headlines from the last week:

  • Google Duo passed the 100 million downloads mark this week. Google announced that the app has doubled its user base as well. We know it’s not the most popular video chat app. However, the consistent influx of new users may just add up over time. This whole Duo and Allo thing is far from over. For now, it’s a bump in the right direction. Let’s see if it lasts.
  • YouTube TV added ten more cities to its list this week. Some of the cities include Washington D.C., Detroit, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, and Charlotte. This brings the total number of cities up to 15. It’s still not overly impressive. However, it is a start. It’s good to see YouTube TV finally expanding. We’ll see where it opens up next.
  • Amazon is reportedly working on a new chat app. It goes by the name Anytime by Amazon. On the surface, it looks like a good, basic messenger. It’ll have group chats, individual chats, video calling, and more. You’ll also be able to order food, listen to music, and share your location. It looks like it could be competitive if they do it up right.
  • Google’s Play Protect service is officially rolling out. It’ll be available on all Android devices with Google Play Services 11 or better. That should be most phones. This is a unification of many of Android’s and Google Play’s security systems, including Verify Apps and other security features. It should be rolling out right now.
  • RuneScape is apparently coming to Android! The original RuneScape as well as the Old School RuneScape will be available on mobile. The developers also announced that the PC version and mobile versions will be compatible. That means you can play either one with the other one. You can expect the game’s release to be sometime in 2018.

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Motion Stills is a new app from Google. It allows you to record short clips. Those clips are then shareable on social media as videos or as GIFs. There are two modes. The first is a standard three second clip. These are great for reaction GIFs and the like. The other one is called Fast Forward Mode. It allows you to record up to a minute of footage. It then speeds it up a whole bunch. There are a few settings, but no major customizations available. It’s really fun for what it is. It’s also free with no ads or in-app purchases.

Motion Stills

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