Android has the largest market share in smartphone OSs. Increasing popularity also comes with increasing malware attack, phishing and other attacks. For this many Antivirus available out there in Playstore, but which best for virus protection for your android.

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Look at these best Antivirus apps for virus protection for android which protect your device from all malware attacks.

Best Antivirus apps for Android.


1.) 360 Security (free)

360 security is the best among all. Why? Because its provide a lot of bang in zero bucks and with 4.6 rating on Playstore and the most used antivirus, it is easily the best.

Its offers many feaures including a junk file cleaner, memory booster to free RAM, a power saving option, app management, privacy with encryption, and anti-theft tools for locating or remotely wiping your phone.
The app lock is one of the best feature. And 360 security is totally free.
[Download link]



2.) Avast! Mobile security (Free/paid)

Avast! is also a good option. It is downloaded 100 million times, With 4.5 ratings and a branded name make this a great one.

Avast contains a lot of tools including the usual device scanning, app scanning, and real-time protection, anti-theft tool, and the ability to remote lock your device in case you lose it. Most of the tools are free of cost, but there some in app purchase.



3.) CM security  (free)

CM security is one the first antivirus solution for android. Today the competition is tough, but CM security still offers some good tools. With 4.7 ratings this application still performing good. Some features including app scanning, applock (Fingerprint locking too), etc. The best part is that it is fully free of cost.



4.) AVG antivirus security (free/paid)

AVG is a common name in PC antivirus market and it is also performing well in Android. It is very light when compared to the other. And with 100 million download and  4.4 ratings it performing good.

Talking about features and tools it offers real-time protection, device scanning, and consistent antivirus database updates, task killer, anti-theft features, remote device data wiping, and you can monitor things like battery, storage, and data usage. There are in app purchase.
Download here



5.) Avira antivirus security (Free)

Avira is new in the android antivirus market, but rising repeatedly. Avira is a bit of heavier than others, but its worth it.

Some basic tools like device scanning, real-time protection, and ability to scan the external SD. Other advance tool like a Stagefright Advisor. There is also some anti-theft feature, privacy features, blacklisting features, and device admin features.



6.) Kaspersky internet security

Kaspersky is also new in the competition. Some free features like scanning for malware and viruses and paid tools include real-time protection, anti-phishing, cloud protection, and anti-theft, sounding an alarm to help find your lost device.
Kaspersky is a heavy application and most features are available in paid version.



7.) Lookout

Lookout is a nice option and this app manage all malware and viruses very well.
Free version includes app scanning, anti-theft protection. Paid version includes anti-theft alerts, real-time web browsing protection, a privacy adviser, and some data backup features. Lookout is light and good for some low range smartphones.



Final thoughts:-

 Android antiviruses always are in discussion that they are needed or not. However, if you are very sensitive for your android phone security and privacy than why not try these app.

These apps for virus protection for android and anti-theft protection save you from any privacy issue. There are many unknown applications which are available on Playstore or on any other site which sounds good, but they contain malware and viruses. So  I recommend you that choose any of the antiviruses to stay protected.