This doesn’t seem to be widespread, but it’s definitely annoying.

When you charge your phone, you typically just plug it in or place it on a wireless charging pad and forget about it. It’s a process that you don’t really think about on a daily basis, but when something goes wrong with it, it can prove to be awfully irritating.

For some users of the Galaxy S8/S8+ and Note 8, the display on their phones is randomly turning on for no apparent reason while charging. There are reports of this happening on Reddit and Samsung’s own community forums, and while it’s an issue that doesn’t seem to be very widespread, it does sound like a bugger.

One owner of the S8+ says that the screen turns on every ten seconds while charging, and there are a couple videos making their way around that show this odd behavior in action. The screen randomly turns on, turns off, and then turns on again for a seemingly endless number of times.

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