How I Got My ‘Smartphone Back’ With Clean Master

I had been using my Android device for around 6 months or so when I realized that its performance had been dropping.  Lags were frequent, I was always running out of memory and let’s not even talk about what happened when I opened the Facebook App (Force Close!). My phone was turning into a garbage dump, and I had no idea what to do. There was a time when I was using it for nothing more than making calls and checking my messages- which does not really make it much of a smartphone!

Time to do something!

After going about a few weeks with a useless ‘smartphone’, I decided I had to do something- else I’d be wasting my money. Changing my phone was not an option- it was just 6 months old. The manufacturer’s service center told me that resetting the phone was an option. But that was a big hassle- I could not backup, reset and then restore all the data. It would just take too much of time. And that is when a colleague gave me a suggestion that actually changed my (or my phone’s) life!

The Suggestion

He suggested me to install an app- and my initial reaction to that was that another app would only make it worse. And that is when he showed my Clean Master in his own device, and persuaded me to install it.

First Impressions
Clean Master is only around 15 MB in size, which makes it one of the lightest apps in my smartphone. It claims to be what we need for keeping our Android phone ‘tidy’ and performing its best. As I browsed through its features, I realized that Clean Master seems capable of a lot of stuff, such as:

  • Cleaning junk files: The more the apps we use, the more junk (or cache) they generate, thus eating away the phone’s memory. Clean Master gives us the power to clean up that junk in just a single tap! 100s of MBs free within seconds- what more can you ask for.
  • Memory Booster: Memory booster is personally one of the best things about Clean Master. When your phone begins to lag or take up too much RAM, just one tap will boost its performance, clear up the memory and seed up your device. One of the best things that memory booster helps accomplish is a longer battery life.
  • Games Booster: If you love to play games on your Android smartphone, then you may have experienced lagging once a while. With Clean Master, I tap it just once- and the performance of my games, right from launch to the actual playing, increases significantly.
  • CPU Cooling: Clean Master actually helps you to prevent overheating of your device. It gives you the option of finding out the apps that cause overheating and lets you shut them down.
  • Battery Boost: Heavy users will find that their phone runs out of battery quite frequently. Clean Master actually lets me analyze the status of the battery, thus helping stop those apps that take up the bulk of it. Just 1 tap, and my battery life extends significantly!
  • clean-master-screen-junk-720x720I could probably go on and on about what all I have been able to do ever since I installed Clean Master- but you probably get the idea.The Advantages

    Some of the changes that I actually noticed in my mobile ever since I installed Clean Master are:

    • The battery lasts longer: My phone now lasts longer- earlier I had to charge it once every 6-8 hours, considering my internet is on almost all the time. However, with Clean Master, I am better able to keep a tab on what apps consume the most power, and it lasts around 50% more than earlier.
    • Improve performance: Smartphones are said to be made for multitasking- but before I installed Clean Master, I did not believe that. With Clean Master, I can play a game with my email, WhatsApp and a bunch of other apps running in the background, without any lag.
    • More free space: After installing Clean Master, I have been able to better manage the free space in my phone. It lets me know which apps are taking up the most storage, and I clean the junk files once every week. It does wonders to the overall performance!
    • Application Lock: I now have better control over my privacy. With AppLock, I can individually lock applications such as WhatsApp, SMS and my media gallery- and it just takes a second to activate.
    • More control over the applications on my phone: I installed all the unwanted apps and bloatware from my phone after installing Clean Master, as well as got rid of those apps that were taking up too much space. It even lets me move apps to the SD Card for freeing up device memory.
    • Thus, overall, I have actually made using my phone a lot simpler and efficient with Clean Master. While this may be one of the most useful Android applications out there, it still comes with its own sets of cons. Let’s see some of the things that the developers should consider including in Clean Master.

    The Disadvantages

    • The RAM Booster could have been better: Sometimes, the RAM booster actually kills the apps that I need or are important. This can be a bit of an issue- and may just cause increased battery usage. The devs say that they are working on this now- so an update should be out any second.
    • An option to delete apps that are preloaded in the OS: There are a few apps that I do not need, but still cannot be uninstalled. These came with the phone when I bought it, and are uselessly occupying memory. I do hope that Clean Master comes up with a way to remove them in the future!

    Overall, these are still minor complaints, and considering all that Clean Master does for my phone- I am more than 100% satisfied. I just hope they keep bringing great updates in the future.

    If you too are looking to make your phone more efficient and better in terms of usage, then download Clean Master today!