Google Home can do a lot of things for us, but in no place does it excel quite like music.

Today, Google expanded the Google Home collection with both the Google Home Mini and the Google Home Max. The Mini aims to put Google Assistant in every room of your house, but Google Home Max is meant for music lovers who want to fill their rooms or their whole home with rich, beautiful sound. So, what makes the Google Home Max better for your home than the recently Alexa-upgraded Sonos speakers or Apple’s upcoming HomePod?

Google Home Max is the largest of the Google Home devices, and there’s quite a bit under the cloth speaker cover. Two 4.5-inch woofers and 0.7-inch tweeters will fill even the biggest rooms in your home with sound, but it’s not enough to blast louder if doesn’t acclimate to your acoustic space.

Smart Sound is Google’s answer, a feature that calibrates the soundstage based on your room’s dimensions and the kind of audio you’re listening to. Smart Sound senses the room it’s in and uses machine learning to keep your music sounding as good as it can. If Smart Sound sounds like Sonos’s Trueplay, that’s because they are similar. The difference is that Google Home Max will do it without having to dig into apps and tune it yourself.

Smart Sound at work

Google Home Max, like all Google Homes, will feature Google Cast capability in order to stream a variety of music services, from Spotify to YouTube Music and Google Play Music, but this big beautiful speaker can also play music via Bluetooth and an auxiliary port, so you can plug in your old iPod or that fancy turntable and get the Home Max’s beautifully smart sound combined with your hi-fi vinyl.

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