• HQ Trivia, the free-to-play iOS quiz app, is set to launch on Android on January 1
  • The app live-streams a 12-question quiz twice per day during the week, offering a prize of up to $2,000 to those who get all answers correct
  • You can pre-register for the app at Google Play now, or get involved in the open beta if you live in Canada

HQ Trivia has taken the App Store by storm. The free-to-play quiz app, which offers real money prizes, has been a hit since launching on iOS in October, but it has yet to appear on Android. According to a tweet posted yesterday (via Android Central), that’s soon going to change.

The official HQ Trivia Twitter account tweeted that it had started a “limited” beta for the app on Android on December 25, but that it was aiming to have the full launch ready in the US by January 1 (it’s only available in North America for the moment).

The app, developed by Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll — the co-founders of Vine, has taken off thanks to its cash prize potential and straightforward premise. At 6pm and 12pm PT during weekdays, HQ Trivia live streams 12 multiple-choice questions for its users to answer. Users have ten seconds per-question to select an answer, so that they can’t quickly be looked up, and if they correctly guess all 12 they will win or split a $2,000 cash prize (recently increased from $1,000, though on weekends, bonus rounds can offer much larger pots) with the other winners. It’s getting them all right that’s the tricky part. 

The app is already available for pre-registration to those in the US, but Android users in Canda are in an even better position — they can already install the open beta and get playing. Check out the HQ Trivia app at the Google Play Store via the link below, and let us know what your thoughts on it are in the comments. 

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