It’s like stepping into a video game time machine…

Every once in a while, we return to games we loved in years past. From puzzlers to arcade games to minimalist gems, Android’s vaults have something for everyone, and you can read about them here in our occasional series called Classic Game Reviews.

Play Evoland for Free

Evoland offers a standout gaming experience that belies its subtle presence in the Google Play Store. More than just another RPG clone, it’s an interactive journey through the evolution of adventure RPGs, and the history of gaming. The game starts out as a monochrome 2D game but quickly changes and evolves as you discover and unlock chests that add color, textures, a storyline, and much more. The gameplay is deeply nostalgic, and changes to parody classic games and gameplay styles — from free-roaming adventure (Zelda), to the turn-based battles found in JRPGs (Final Fantasy VII) to clearing out demonic dungeons (Diablo).

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