1. Display diagonal

The Galaxy S8+ has a 6.22″ display when the flexible part is unfurled, while the Note 8 is said to come with an exactly 6.32″ diagonal. This tenth of an inch may not seem like a major difference, but the shape of the Note 8 is seemingly with less rounded corners, perhaps due to the inevitability of having a stylus silo to accommodate, so it will likely feel larger and edgier in the hand.

Display diagonal

2. Screen-to-body ratio

That same more rectangular shape of the Note 8, coupled with the even more recessed bezels and blockier screen corners, would mean a better screen-to-body ratio compared to the S8+, stretching the compact format that Samsung’s Infinity Display can offer, to its limits. Anything further at the top, and you get an Essential Phone, a Sharp Aquos S2, or even, gasp, an iPhone 8 – and those top cutouts are an acquired taste, judging from the initial reactions to them.

Screen-to-body ratio

3. S-Pen

What, did you think we would skip on the one inimitable difference between the S8+ and the Note 8? This here in the picture is supposedly the S Pen stylus from Samsung’s upcoming phablet, and the new shape hints at the obligatory improvements that Samsung releases with each new S Pen edition. Now, how would scribbling be on the taller, narrower display ratio, remains to be tested.


4. RAM

Sorry, folks, despite all the rumors and speculation that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ will ship with 6GB RAM, that honor will eventually be reserved for the Note 8, and with a good reason – it would purportedly have two camera sensors to deal with, not to mention the S Pen app goodies for all those creative types that have to literally flow.


5. Battery size

We don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but it seems that the battery pack of the Note 8 will be slightly smaller in capacity – 3300mAh vs 3500mAh – compared to the S8+ unit. Damn stylus silo, always getting in the way of larger Note batteries, that “stacked” motherboard design that Samsung will allegedly be using next year can’t come soon enough.

Battery size

6. Cameras

We saved the best for last – the Note 8 is expected to be Samsung’s first major phone announced with a dual camera, and analysts’ opinions point to a big breakthrough, perhaps courtesy to all those multiple lens camera Israeli camera gurus that Samsung has been investing in for a while. Note 8 is expected to ship with 12MP/13MP sensors, F1.7/F2.4 aperture wide angle and telephoto lens, both with OIS. Samsung calls the dual camera interface options Dual Fusion, Depth Application, Super Night Shot and Smart Zoom, which hint of features we can expect from any self-respecting dual camera handset, but the devil is in the details, so we can’t wait to show you the first camera samples with the Note 8.


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