Radiation Island is a fairly popular game among iOS gamers. It’s a post-apocalyptic survivor, where you need to find food, craft items and guns, build a shelter, and survive tons of zombies. Now, the game’s developer has moved the gameplay away from an island and on to a real world location — the ghost town Pripyat.

The name might ring a bell — it’s a town that’s 12 miles away from Chernobyl, which, you know, had a power station that blew up. So, Pripyat was evacuated and has remained abandoned since then. The town was a location that players visited in the hit PC game S.T.A.L.K.E.R.. Now, Radiation City is revisiting.

So, what is the new game about? Obviously, about survival, but unlike many other such games, it actually has a story. Ultimately, your mission is to find and rescue a “loved one”, but you will also get to uncover mysteries around the city as you progress. You will need to battle wildlife, which has taken over the “carefully recreated Pripyat” as well as zombies and other unknown entities. Thus far, there’s no word on multiplayer.

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