Everything we know so far about the successor to Samsung’s ill-fated Note 7.

Oh boy. It’s time for a new Samsung Galaxy Note.

As you may remember, things didn’t go too well for the last entry in the Note series. And although the Galaxy S8 has enjoyed strong sales and critical praise in the meantime, Samsung will remain under intense scrutiny as it looks to relaunch the tarnished Note brand. That’s important for every market in which Samsung operates, but particularly so in Europe, which hasn’t seen a new Note since 2014’s Note 4.

So the next Note needs to be good, and it needs to not catch on fire. Beyond the obvious, the phone also needs to show us how the Note brand can coexist with the larger “Plus” variant of the Galaxy S series, if that’s to continue.

So far, most of the reliable info points to Samsung playing it relatively safe this year. The design, based on press renders, largely mirrors that of the Galaxy S8+. Rumors point to similar specs with a modest RAM and display size upgrade, and a modest battery capacity downgrade. In the absence of the long-rumored in-display fingerprint scanner, the most exciting feature this year is likely to be the new dual camera setup.

Let’s dig into what we know so far about the Galaxy Note 8.

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