Last week, we asked you what is your favorite new phone and after a few days and more than 5,000 people voting, the results are in.

With an overwhelming majority, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has won that vote: it captured over 36% of the vote or the affection of more than 1,800 people.

At the second place is the LG V30: LG’s new phone has received extremely positive reviews and it has also attracted a lot of votes, 23.5%, or nearly 1,200 people.

The Google Pixel 2 XL came in third with 14.5%, but of course votes for it are all based on pre-release information, as the device is official, but not available just yet.

At the fourth place is the Apple iPhone X. The upcoming “bezel-less” iPhone got nearly 13% of the votes.

Take a look at the results right below.

Phonearena polls

Which new phone is your favorite?
Apple iPhone 8
1.56% (79 votes)
(79 votes)
Apple iPhone 8 Plus
3.57% (181 votes)
(181 votes)
Apple iPhone X
12.79% (648 votes)
(648 votes)
Essential Phone
1.3% (66 votes)
(66 votes)
Google Pixel 2
3.12% (158 votes)
(158 votes)
Google Pixel 2 XL
14.49% (734 votes)
(734 votes)
LG V30
23.47% (1189 votes)
(1189 votes)
OnePlus 5
3.28% (166 votes)
(166 votes)
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
36.42% (1845 votes)
(1845 votes)

5066 votes

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