Sony has brought us a pair of new mid-range phones. The Xperia XA2 and Xperia XA2 Ultra show us that mid-range devices can come with some pep. Eschewing the Xperia XA1’s Mediatek processor, Sony has opted for a Snapdragon 630, while still offering highly-competitive camera performance.


Adding Qualcomm’s silicon is a welcome change. Performance seems swift, swapping between apps of all kinds smoothly and without issue. We never encountered any hiccups, or lag, but gaming will likely show this device’s shortcomings.


Sony maintains its photography prowess, sporting a 23 MP camera with strong low-light performance and a dual front-facing camera comprised of a 16 MP front-facing cam with optical image stabilization and an 8 MP, 120-degree wide-angle lens. The wide-angle lens is used only for wider photos, and no Bokeh effects, though. Flash is also delayed to take proper advantage of the scene and illuminate background details, giving the image better depth.

Design and Display

The Ultra steps up the value further, offering a 6-inch screen to the XA2’s 5.2 inches, and 4 GB RAM, compared to 3 on the regular XA2. In terms of design, this looks a lot like Sony devices you may have seen in the past, with its round sides and flat top and bottom. It’s a very familiar, and even tired look, but it retains its class regardless. 

Availability on these devices is slated for late February, but with the kick off of 2018, we expect to see some stiff competition – competition which Sony has failed to overcome in the past. Will this be a turning point for the tech juggernaut?

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