T-Mobile will offer an over-the-top TV service in 2018.

T-Mobile has announced the acquisition of a small streaming television provider called Layer3 TV, which currently operates in five U.S. cities. Similar to services like YouTube TV and PlayStation Vue, Layer 3 carries the signals of most U.S. cable networks and pay channels like HBO, Showtime, and ESPN, but bundles them with a straightforward HD decoder and PVR set-top box that connects to a television in your living room. Think Tivo.

T-Mobile says that it will use Layer3’s technology to launch its own over-the-top TV service sometime in 2018, positioning itself as a more customer-friendly and likely cheaper alternative to the cable companies, many of which, like AT&T DirecTV and Dish’s SlingTV, have endeavored to pivot to over-the-top in recent years.

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