Andy Rubin’s phone is now available for pre-order at Sprint.

Essential, the first phone from the company with the same name, launched in late May and was supposed to reach customers within 30 days. Essential missed this self-imposed deadline by a big margin, which only shows how challenging the mobile industry can be for a new company, even when you have the father of Android in the founders list.

Earlier this week, Essential informed customers who pre-ordered its first phone that the device will ship within seven days.

Now Sprint, the only carrier offering the Essential Phone, is following suit. Pre-orders for the device are now open for the black version, while the white version will become available at a later date. Full retail availability of the Essential Phone will take “a few weeks.”

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Customers can buy the Essential Phone from Sprint for its full price of $699 or they can opt for the carrier’s Flex Lease payment plan. That would result in savings of $260 across an 18-month installment plan, with monthly payments of just $14.58. There is some fine print, of course – most importantly, at the end of the plan you will need to decide between getting a new phone, continue leasing, returning the device, or paying it out to own it.

Sprint may be the only network to sell the Essential Phone, but the device will also go on sale on Amazon and Best Buy.

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