SamsungMobileKorea has just uploaded a slew of Galaxy S9 teasers on its YouTube page, and just like any self-respecting video teaser should do, these all but confirm many of the key features that the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are wildly expected to have.

The first video blatantly reveals the advantages of slow-mo videos, the second one is a dead giveaway for superb low-light photography thanks to the variable aperture that can go as wide as f/1.5, and the third one… Well, the third one is a sign of the times as it features 3D emoji, which would allow users to create animated avatars of themselves with the Galaxy’s front-facer. As you are certainly aware, all of these are believed to be part of the next Galaxies’ feature bags. 

Check out the teasers below and make sure to also pay a visit to our extensive rumor review that will reveal everything there is to know about Samsung‘s next big things.

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