Are you wondering what to put in that spare slot in your wallet? Whether for practical purposes or just to look that slight bit more important, a Credit Card Sized Smartphone & Tablet Stand offers a classy option.

I like cooking – it’s an excuse to buy wine. When I cook I often have Netflix or Youtube playing on my phone, and I perch it on something at the right angle so that it’s visible. This is usually a glass, or the box of one of my ingredients, but that’s not ideal. It fell in the sink once, which was thankfully empty. One of these stands would be the obvious solution.

Why not look a bit more exec?

Each of these handy props fits perfectly in a credit card slot in your wallet, but folds out quickly to form the stand wherever you are. It can mean your phone or tablet is facing you while you work or play without having to hold it, and it’s very easy to adjust so that multiple angles are achievable. They look pretty chic too.

A pack of 3 of these little gizmos sells around $30 on a normal day, but this is a deal day. Right now you can get hold of the same 3 pack for just $19.99. If you don’t need all 3 then they would make a professional-looking gift.

Why not look a bit more exec? Grab the offer while it lasts by hitting the button below.

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