traffic racer review

Traffic Racer Review

Car racing is a common theme for mobile games. And with the sheer number of race games and similar stuff available in Google Play Store, it will take a little more in order to stand out. Initially going through the list of games available in Google, Traffic Racer may appear squarely the same as other games you will find online. Check this traffic racer review and see how it differently sits from the rest.

traffic racer

Simple, Superb Animation and Easy Controls

Just like other race games, the objective of Traffic Racer is to beat computer players. The thing here is that, the player does not only have to win the race, the manner he finishes the game determines whether or not he gets cash bonuses, which will allow him to buy new cars or accessorize the existing one.

Beating other cars by running at the speed of at least 100kph will give him bonuses that can be redeemed either at the end of the race or at the moment you crash your car and ends the game.

traffic racer

The game also utilizes the latest technologies embedded with the latest smartphones of today. The car’s controls can be set to make use of the phone’s motion sensor, which allows users to tilt the android device on the direction he wants the car to go, thus giving a more realistic feel on every turn. Likewise, settings can be changed to allow him to maneuver the car through on-screen control, this time exuding a more traditional feel and interface.

The game also takes advantage of the modern graphics on android device. With the free controls and high-level animations, playing Traffic Racer gives the user a feel of a game console. Indeed, playing the game while you are in a public transport on the way to school or work would get the attention, in a good way,of that teenager standing right beside you.